Instagram co-founder and CEO  Kevin Systrom claims that on average people miss about 70% of the posts in their Instagram feeds.  This means brands nowadays are making every effort to get the most out of that visible 30 % while making Instagram work smarter for their businesses.


We narrowed down a few quick tricks to help you maximize your eCommerce efforts on Instagram and give you a tactical advantage over your competitors:


Find the shopping feature that best converts for your brand


Instagram’s competition is tougher than ever. Businesses these days are heavily investing in being unique and smartly utilizing each post to share their products. Communicating with your audience has to be seamless, with the goal of consistent  lead generation, and an exciting buyers’ journey. That means no repetitive posts, no similar posts and ensure having a clear understanding of how often you should push new content.

Depending on the nature of your products, it’s crucial you test and understand which Instagram shopping feature works best for reaching your eCommerce goals. If you are selling physical goods, for example, you should consider linking your inventory (or eCommerce platform) to your Instagram account. That will enable you to use the product-tagging feature in all posts. If your products are too complex to explain in one post, keep things simple by highlighting their specifics in a series of Instagram Stories. You can also layer those with the “swipe up” feature to direct prospects to your Instagram product page.


Brands are lucky to keep high engagement rates by sharing high-quality product photos with simple text and less than 2 shopping tags per post. 


Attract top of the funnel with fine-tuned content


The better you fine-tune your content, the greater eCommerce results you will get on Instagram. Make sure you treat your top of the funnel audience well by consistently engaging with those who have tagged your brand or communicated with you in any capacity. Nurture your prospects by keeping them engaged with likes on their personal pages or even by responding to their stories. Grab their attention with catchy images, eye-popping videos, engaging captions such as posts in forms of questions. Your content needs to be fresh, fun, and always adding value. Try behind-the-scenes peeks and lifestyle imagery to put some colors in your photos. Don’t forget to incorporate the same posts you’ve shared in your Instagram stories as well. Big blocks of text are hard to read so ensure the content is easy to scan. Since “See More” text on clickable Instagram Stories is pretty tiny to spot, use GIFs to draw visitors’ attention to your CTAs.


Spread your brand outreach with niche influencers

Hiring niche influencers to bolster product credibility is another great move to push your eCommerce on Instagram. Niche influencers are often not as costly as you would think. Focus on the below 50k follower-count personalities, as these micro-influencers often have a higher reach. There are many effective tools out there to simplify the process of finding the right influencers for your business  Snapfluence and  InstaBrand among the cheaper options. Working with the right niche influencers will enable not only your eCommerce but also assist with your SEO.


Skyrocket  your eCommerce with the right hashtags

One of the best things about Instagram is that it is not only a social media platform, but it also plays the role of a search engine, using hashtags as keywords. Learning how to use Instagram’s organic search will help you expand your brand and product reach very rapidly. Look for the trendy and powerful hashtags that best correspond to your brand identity. It is crucial that your visitors remember your brand through a popular hashtag that makes it recognizable and easy to find. If you work with online personas to spread your message and products, ensure you give them specific brand-associated hashtags. Those will help you get some additional link generation outside of Instagram for free.

Benefit from your bio link

Your bio link is actually the only clickable URL in your Instagram account so take advantage of it. Sell more on the platform by linking your bio to a specific product you want to highlight. You can easily update the link as often as you need to; this quick tip works great for new products in stock or products currently on sale. The same link will help with making your ongoing promotions more visible.


Have no doubt that taking good care of your Instagram account will reward your eCommerce efforts in the long run and perhaps even exceed expectations.