Here at GTHQ we love to talk about the importance of celebrities taking their role model status seriously and using their platform to influence their fans in a positive way. But it’s not just up to celebrities and those with notoriety and fame to change the world. Each of us has a responsibility to make the most of our lives and we all have the ability to make a difference in our communities.

One young woman who has transcended borders, political tensions and gender barriers to be a role model to many in her community is Tsvetta Kaleynska. She was born in Bulgaria in 1988 and is the daughter of a University Professor and a doctor. Tsvetta came into the world at a time when Communism was about to fall in her home country 1989) due to the collapsing of the Eastern Bloc, which was the start of major social, political and economic change for countries in Eastern Europe.

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August 2015